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Burks Nymph Hexagenia

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Imitates nymps of Hexagenia (big yellow may). These nymphs have large gills along the abdomen, and one of the keys to this fly's effectiveness is the filoplume pheasant "gills."

 Hexagenia nymphs burrow into the silty bottom of some lakes and slow-moving rivers. They are rarely available to trout until they start to hatch.

HOOK: 200R, sizes 4-8. Weight the hook

THREAD: Primrose or pale yellow

TAIL: Gray marabou

BACK: Turkey quill

GILLS: Gray pheasant filoplume tied on top of hook (not wrapped). Form the abdomen first, then pull the filoplume over the top of it.

RIB: Copper wire

ABDOMEN: Pale yellow rabbit

WINGCASE: Turkey tail

THORAX: Same as abdomen

LEGS: Mottled hen saddle