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SpeyCo Skagit Reel


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SpeyCo decided to design a reel that would have a smaller spool width for the skagit lines compared to the flagship Symmetry Spey wide salmon reels. On windy days a shorter head is a necessary tool to get the job accomplished and Skagit and Scandi style lines are by far the most popular with spey anglers worldwide. This spey reel still has the weight (10.5 to 16 oz) that spey fisherman need to balance out modern tapered rod designs. I would rather carry an extra ounce or two around than fight a tip off the water all day. All considered, while casting, one's arms are in the air for a very short time, but spey fishermen spend most of their time with the rod at the resting position where struggling with the tip causes extra strain and fatigue. By having perfect balance to a slight tip light rig, the fisherman can relax the grip on the spey rod.