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Redington Behemoth Fly Reel


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The Behemoth reel has pushed the limits on fly reel design in a great way. Its powerful carbonfiber drag and durable construction makes this one of the higher quality reels at its price point. Although a cast reel, the Behemoth offers exceptional performance and affordability to the angler on a budget.


  • Powerful carbon fiber drag system.
  • Large arbor design that minimizes line memory.
  • Deep V spool that allows for maximum backing capacity.
  • Grippy ergonomic handle.


Behemoth 5/6: Diameter 3.6, Weight 5.7 oz, Capacity 125/20

Behemoth 7/8: Diameter 4.0, Weight 7.5 oz, Capacity 200/20

Behemoth 9/10: Diameter 4.4, Weight 10.8 oz, Capacity 200/20

Behemoth 11/12: Diameter 4.7, Weight 11.4 oz, Capacity 250/20