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Orvis Hydros SL Reel


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Leave it to Orvis to make a great reel at an affordable price. The newest edition of Hydros reel has a fully sealed drag that is 3 times stronger than its predecessor and is completely salt water safe. This impressive large arbor picks up line 12% faster and its narrow design eliminates frustrating line stack.


  • Easy to grab asymmetrical drag knob
  • Super Large Arbor Allows for 12% Faster Retrieval
  • 3x Stronger Drag with Zero Start Up Inertia

Specs Hydros II: Diameter 3.5, Weight 5.6 oz, Capacity WF3 150/20, WF4 125/20, WF5 100/20

Specs Hydros III: Diameter 3.875, Weight 5.9 oz, Capacity WF5 150/20, WF6 125/20, WF7 100/20

Specs Hydros IV: Diameter 4.25, Weight 7.4 oz, Capacity WF7 225/20, WF8 200/20, WF9 175/20

Specs Hydros V: Diameter 4.5, Weight 8.4 oz, Capacity WF9 250/20, WF10 225/20, WF11 200/20