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Orvis Battenkill Fly Reel


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The Battenkill continues to be a minimalists favorite reel. The classic look and sound of this click-and-pawl makes for a perfect reel for freshwater scenarios. With its simple design and flawless lightweight construction, the Battenkill pairs nicely with those shorter rods for small creeks and streams. 


  • Classic look, style, and sound.
  • Ultralightweight design.
  • Durable bar stock aluminum frame.

Specs Battenkill I: Diameter 2.75., Weight 2.8 oz, Capacity WF1 100/20, WF2 75/20, WF3 50/20

Specs Battenkill II: Diameter 3.0, Weight 2.9 oz, Capacity WF3 100/20, WF4 75/20, WF5 50/20

Specs Battenkill III: Diameter 3.25, Weight 3.2 oz, Capacity WF5 125/20, WF6 100/20, WF7 75/20