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Orvis Battenkill Disc Fly Reel


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The Orvis Battenkill reel has been around for a long time. It's simplicity and trouble free reputation continues with the new and improved disc series. The drag incorporates the same sealed drag system as the Hydros SL with six carbon fiber and stainless steel discs. A classic looking reel with a refined disc drag system is a perfect combination for the trout fisherman. The mid-arbor size pairs perfectly for trout rods, but the larger size reel can certainly handle bigger game fish. With a clean black nickel finish, this reel will be a favorite among anglers for some time.


  • Carbon fiber and stainless steel disc drag system.
  • Ported jewel finish.
  • Great performance at an accessible price.


I Diameter 2.75, Weight 4.4 oz Capacity WF 1 100/20, WF 2 75/20, WF 3 50/20

II Diameter 3.0, Weight 4.6 oz Capacity WF 3 150/20, WF 4 125/20, WF 5 100/20

III Diameter 3.25, Weight 4.9 oz Capacity WF 5 150/20, WF 6 125/20, WF 7 100/20

IV Spey Diameter 3.75, Weight 8.9 oz Capacity WF 7 225/20, WF 8 200/20, WF 9 175/20

V Spey Diameter 4.0, Weight 9.9 oz Capacity WF 9 250/20, WF 10 225/20, WF 11 200/20