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Fly Patterns for Stillwaters

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In Fly Patterns for Stillwater, Phil Rowley uncovers the riches lakes have to offer the patient angler. Phil has spent countless hours studying the food sources that make up the diet of trout; then set up home aquariums to more closely observe the movement, development, and emergence of these aquatic insects. In this book he explains the link between understanding the food base within a lake and designing effective fly patterns for these environs. He includes: Chironomids, scuds, damselflies, leeches, mayflies, caddisflies, water boatmen and backswimmers, terrestrials, beetles, forage fish, and snails. Each chapter begins with a detailed description of the particular food item outlining its life cycle, relative importance, size, coloration, and habits, then proven patterns are given, describing both materials and tying techniques.